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Hi, I am a 20 something N̶i̶n̶j̶a̶ Doctor who saves lives for a living and believes superheroes wear white coats, not capes.
Apart from being a registered medical practitioner, I can voraciously read and eat. The competition between my love for food and literature on human biology can never have a clear winner. And my new found love for Biomechanics isn’t making the things any easier.

I did my MBBS, because I wanted be a doctor since I was 4 years old. Why, you ask? Well I happened to be this weird kid who would enjoy the ‘bizarre medical conditions’ series on Discovery channel during my lunch time. And then I realized I could look at these things in person and be paid for it.. Superb! Well, now my work isn’t as fun as I had thought, but there isn’t a dull moment either. While saving lives are important, it is equally important to improve the quality of life for everyone else. That led me to do my certification in Human Nutrition, Sports training and Human Psychology.

Apart from my education, the important milestone in my life so far has been losing almost 25 kgs of weight. Starting from waist size of 39 inches and ending up at 27 inches, took efforts and dedication. You can read my ‘Journey of losing 25 kgs in 4 months’ if you want to know more about my body transformation.

Besides my work, I enjoy Running and Dancing (Which according to me is the non-coherent movement of hands to a piece of music that I have never heard before). I cook only because I love to eat good food.
Socially, I contribute to the entropy of patriarchy in Indian society. I also strive to create a society where people have more awareness about concept of Mental health, depression and anxiety disorders.
I intend to spread knowledge and awareness regarding Health, Medicine and Fitness so that you are well equipped to stay healthy and happy. On that note, I leave you with some fun facts about me!

Fun Facts about me:

  • I HATE raw onions (yes, even in vada pav and pav bhaji).
  • Chocolate ice cream is my LEAST favorite flavour in ice-cream. (Go ahead, Judge me)
  • The number of to-do lists that I make is generally more than the number of tasks to be done.
  • I can speak 5 languages fluently, Understand 3 more partially and comfortably read 2 other.

Stay Happy & Healthy

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