Birth of This Blog

Doctor on desk working

On a lazy Saturday morning, I was sipping my tea while scrolling through the newsfeed. One of the articles carried a news about the decision of the government of Maharashtra forbidding a certain restaurant chain from serving cups of soft drinks containing artificial sweetners. I applauded the decision on my facebook profile. The only people who made comments in this context seemed to be rather worried about not having their Zero calorie drink instead of being happy that the government cares for them!

I realised most of them associated the zero calorie drinks with being fit and healthy. Though in reality, those drinks are far from being healthy.

The same day on twitter I posted a light-hearted tweet on HPV vaccine. That in no way was meant to be an educational tweet, but the kind of response and retweets it got made me realise that I need to step up to bridge this gap. The gap between the people who want to know how to be healthy and fit and the information which would help them achieve their goal.

I thought I would start a series of tweets on twitter. I sat down to think about what I should pen down. I pulled a paper out and started to make a list. After jotting down the two incidences of that day, my personal journey of losing almost 25 kgs came third on the list. That made me realise I had a lot to share. Being a doctor, I knew which food contains what kind of nutrients. But this journey wasn't about just science. It wasn't about some random fitness tips, it was more about how I had to overcome the desire of eating one more piece of cake when I was tired of eating healthy for ten straight days. I wanted to share every bit of my story; if doing that makes even one person healthier and happier, all the efforts will be worthwhile.

This blog is my way of contributing to society. The blog would have posts on medical awareness, weight loss, Skin & hair care, psychology, mental health, medical news, nutrition and of course sometimes my personal Ramblings :)


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